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Reaction post to Legend of Korra’s season finale

First, that hour long episode was great. Warning, SPOILERS BELOW!

 1. Seeing Iroh was like watching Zuko again at his best. I seriously heart that character now.

2. Although I don’t like the Makorra pairing, at least they managed to make it tolerable towards the end. Still don’t like how Mako is stringing along two girls. (Yes, I’m happy he manned up enough to apologize to Asami for his behavior. Really I am. I was actually congratulating him for this huge step forward, but he didn’t actually break it off with Asami like he should have if he really wanted to pursue Korra.) And the horrible thing is, I didn’t really notice that until after the show was over, that now Mako is in a romantic relationship with two women simultaneously. Really, I’d rather see BFF!Makorra rather than romantic!Makorra, as I don’t completely trust Mako yet but at least I no longer hate his guts anymore.

 3.  We got a small Borra moment that I squeed over with the hug and her trust Bolin with Naga. <33 I heart you, Bolin! And Bolin defending Asami, telling Hiroshi how bad of a parent he is for trying to hurt his daughter was great too.

4. A little saddened that Bumi wasn’t Amon at first and that I sure was proven wrong. I never would have believed that Amon and Tarrlock were actual brothers. We even got an unexpected backstory for the both of them! And Tarrlock was such a sweet cutie that I’m glad I can like the guy now.

I’ll be honest, I was hoping that Amon would be older but instead he’s sort of a hot bishie. Dammit! XD Why must he be so stinking attractive?? Now Amorra will never truly die (not that I’m complaining). And Amon being a bloodbender was a surprise too. Still not sure how someone can bloodbend a person’s bending away but whatever!

5. We finally see a brief glimpse of Bumi (Tenzin’s brother). It would have been nice to have seen him for a little longer (interacting with one of the characters) but I’ll take what I can get, I guess. He seems like he’d have been a fun character.

6. Korra finally bends air after losing her other bending. All it took was something tragic enough to happen to her for her spiritual side to finally kick in. And Aang showing up was another unexpected surprise.

7. Tarrlock and his brother’s last moments were touching. RIP. (Beautiful and tragic canon incest ship this pairing is~)

8. Personal headcannon: Korra gives back Tahno’s bending. If not within the series than via fanfic/fanworks. It will happen. 

9. Waiting for season two of Legend of Korra will be painful. I hope we aren’t kept waiting *too* long.